This Runway Presentation Will Literally Make you Want Subway, Literally!

Again, so for full details about Nolcha Fashion Week, check out my post on the amazing event for emerging independent designers. This post is all about the fun twist that Subway posed to 4 of the Nolcha designers. The challenge was to create innovative garments made entirely out of Subway materials. The panel of celebrity judges was:

PBN_3312-s                                     PBN_2830-s


The Winner, Danilo Gabrielli

PBN_2838-s                                                                PBN_2864-s

PBN_2887-s                                             PBN_3056-s


Mariana Valentina

PBN_2896-s          PBN_2936-s            PBN_3291-s


Ainslee Bowers

PBN_2962-s       PBN_2982-s  PBN_3139-s

Jennifer Henry
PBN_3002-s                                                               PBN_3020-s
PBN_3041-s                                         PBN_3179-s

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