Sally Lapointe — Stunning Looks, Versatility to the Max!


“There’s a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out, but I’m too tough for him. I say, stay in there, I’m not going to let anybody see you. There’s a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out, but I pour whiskey on him & inhale cigarette smoke and the whores and the bartenders and the grocery clerks never know that he’s in there…..”  — Charles Bukowski


These are just a few poetic words Sally LaPointe shared in conjunction with the release of her Fall 2014 collection. My words and thoughts, though not quite as eloquent & free flowing, are just that the collection was quite stunning; it had so much to offer. The individual looks are pretty special, but so are some of the details for each look, you gotta love the attention to detail — the clutches, the jewelry, the hair, the make-up, the turtlenecks, the fur, lambskin, the textures, the fabrics, and updated peplum!

Sally-LaPointe-Fa1ll-2014           Sally-Lapointe-FW14-1208-263x395        Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014

lg_52f8f517-5708-4c5e-9e69-3f620af4b6c2                         Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014-03-600x375

Sally+Lapointe+Fall+2014+Details+w10mVmX3_Jpl        Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014-04-600x375

As mentioned this collection offers variety, versatility to be more specific. There are options for layering and a lot of separates. There are various forms of fox fur & goat hairs sprinkled throughout the collection and you see it in various forms of silhouettes and articles of clothing — dresses, oversized turtleneck sweaters, turtleneck sweater tank tops, & outerwear. Many of the fur looks also bring some great pops of color into this collection with shades of blue, cognac/golds, & soft lavenders.

_ON_0197.450x675                      _ON_0003.450x675

1st — Ink Mohair double-breasted coat, ink ombre goat hair top, & steel blue silk wool Shantung trapeze skirt

2nd — Black cashmere wool & Silver Fox turtleneck sweater, & black lambskin & Viscose stretch crepe pencil skirt

_ON_0085.450x675                      _ON_0099.450x675

1st — Cognac cashmere wool & Golden Fox turtleneck sweater, & cognac lambskin pencil skirt

2nd — Cognac cashmere wool & Golden Fox sleeveless turtleneck sweater, & black double faced Georgette tuxedo trousers

_ON_0011.450x675                      _ON_0022.450x675

1st — Black Silver Fox & wool jacket, & black double faced Georgette skirted tuxedo trouser

2nd — Natural Arctic marble Frost Fox & wool jacket, ivory silk wool Shantung shell top, & ivory silk wool Shantung trapeze skirt


Ice Silver Fox jacket with hand beaded appliques & Ice wool trapeze dress

Thinking back to the words of Bukowski, the words bring a lovely & interesting aspect to this collection, and that is the Bluebird print. You see it in skirtform and in eveningwear. It brings more pops of color. And it definitely creates looks of chic elegance.

_ON_0356.450x675                      _ON_0373.450x675

1st — Black cashmere wool sleeveless turtleneck sweater & ivory silk wool Degrade skirt with Bluebird print

2nd — Black silk wool Degrade pleated bustier gown with Bluebird print


Black wool top & black silk wool Degrade trapeze skirt with Bluebird print

Another great element seen throughout this collection is an updated or more modern peplum — not at the waist and on a skirt, but the pleat being on the top or the bodice. The trend is seen in several different looks — paired with fitted pencil skirts, Georgette trousers, and even in eveningwear looks. I see that the pleats or peplum look even created a new and perfect LBD!

  _ON_0332.450x675                    _ON_0036.450x675

1st — Ink duchess satin trapeze gown

2nd — Ivory silk wool Shantung pleated bustier & pocket trousers

_ON_0266.450x675                      _ON_0212.450x675

1st — Black viscose stretch crepe pleated top, gunmetal & black hand beaded organza & viscoce stretch crepe pencil skirt

2nd — Steel blue silk wool Shantung pleated bustier & pocket trousers

_ON_0061.450x675                      _ON_0343.450x675

1st — Black viscose stretch crepe pleated dress

2nd — Ivory silk wool Shantung trapeze gown

_ON_0298.450x675                      _ON_0122.450x675

1st — Black silk wool Degrade pleated bustier dress

2nd — Black silk wool Degrade pleated bustier & trapeze skirt

There is a lot of great outerwear in this collection, sometimes with the fox fur, but there is nothing wrong with minimalism in a long wool coat. This is especially so when it tops off some great casual looks that give this collection even more versatility.

_ON_0170.450x675                      _ON_0113.450x675

1st — Ice wool double-breasted coat w/ hand-beaded appliques, ivory lambskin bustier, & ivory double-faced Georgette trousers

2nd — Camel wool double-breasted coat, black wool shell top, and citrine double-faced Georgette tuxedo trousers


Black wool & lambskin double-breasted coat w/ hand beaded appliques, black Silver Fox bustier, black double-faced wool jersey & lambskin pocket trousers

There are a few different vibes that this collection gives off, which is great when you want your collection to reach different women. Some of the pieces are just super sexy, but still in a reserved way — so super sexy, not super slutty!

_ON_0226.450x675                      _ON_0241.450x675

1st — Gunmetal & black hand-beaded organza top, & black double-faced wool jersey pocket trousers

2nd — Gunmetal & black hand-beaded organza dress


Black silk wool Degrade gown with hand-beaded appliques

There looks for more of NYC streetwear style or a casual vibe as well — oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, sweater tanks, & more!



There are some pretty bad-ass looks in this collection as well, looks that embody strength and a tough vibe. You can most see these characteristics in the structured outwear jackets.

_ON_0250.450x675                      _ON_0048.450x675

1st — Black Amazon Pirarucu fish skin bomber jacket, and black lambskin and viscose stretch crepe skirt.

2nd — Ivory Amazon Pirarucu fish skin bomber jacket & ivory double-faced Georgette tuxedo trouser

_ON_0281.450x675                      _ON_0139.450x675

1st — Gunmetal and black hand-beaded wool bomber jacket, and black double-faced Georgette skirted trousers

2nd — Ivory & aluminum lurex Chenille bomber jacket, black cashmere wool sleeveless turtleneck sweater, & black double-faced Georgette tuxedo trousers.

Before getting to my shout-outs for all who took part in this amazing show, check out some of the gorgeous images of the various beauty & hair looks for some of the looks!

Sally+Lapointe+Fall+2014+Details+xqrmVBOK1sBl                                      020814sally-lapointe-beauty-autumn-fall-winter-2014-nyfw8



GIO-DIEV-for-Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014-NYFW-show-1                                      GIO-DIEV-for-Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014-NYFW-show-3


LaPointe has done a tremendously great job with this collection. It will no doubt add to her continued success, from graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design to starting her own label in 2006. You can shop for Sally LaPointe pieces at many luxury boutiques and retailers, such as Bergdorfs. Here are just a few of her major successes & feats thus far:

Her featured press publications are also pretty acclaimed — NY Times, Interview, Nylon, WWD, Glamour, Elle, Flaunt, & Paper Mag.





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