Turner & Tatler — Vintage Jewelry for Modern Times


One of the best things about having my fashion blog, and really about being in NYC, is you never know what each day might bring. Everyday is like a surprise, where hidden treasures can be easily found. Relating this back to fashion, take for example an ordinary fashion outing for my fashion blog, Fashion Nexus. I am out at a press preview for a fave jewelry brand of mine, Ted Rossi, where lo and behold I stumble upon another astounding jewelry brand — Turner & Tatler.


I liken Turner & Tatler to a hidden treasure because it is such a unique brand, where each piece is truly special and has its own piece of history. It’s just like the brand’s owner, creator, and founder, Cindy Chaplin, says, the pieces are “modern renditions made from classic pieces of an earlier day…… the antiques of tomorrow.” Cindy has always had a love for jewelry, dating back to fond memories of shopping trips with her mother to the heart of the jewelry district in NYC — 47th Street. So how did a love of jewelry, with an interest in its history, lead to the inception of Turner & Tatler?


It is not a huge surprise. And the instant you meet Cindy and begin discussing her work, you can see the passion, drive, and fondness in her eyes. It’s very encouraging and inspirational to see a hard working woman is making the most and finding success with something she holds so dear to her heart. Cindy started the brand in 2012. She found an unfulfilled market for antique jewelry that was being admired, yet not worn. The premise behind Turner & Tatler is that for each piece, she takes other pieces apart and puts them back into a more useable form. A few examples — an Edwardian belt buckle as a diamond necklace, or a Victorian star brooch floating on a neck chain. It’s yesterday’s jewelry fashioned for today. But each piece still retains its vintage appeal, while still portraying a modern or fresh feel.


There is no added manufacturing. And there are also a wide range of pieces from which to choose — bracelets, chains, charms, earrings, necklaces, and rings. The collection can be seen in London at Liberty of London (purchase available thru Kojis Jewelry) and also at the Harborview Center for Antiques in Connecticut. There are a few ways as of now to make purchases such as visiting a private trunk show or contacting Cindy directly @ cindy@turnerandtatler.com or 914-329-9790.


I have thoroughly perused the Turner & Tatler site, so fun, & I encourage all of my readers to do the same! Here are just a few of my fave pieces within each product category —



VINTAGE GREEN ENAMEL BUCKLE RING                    r32-small


In order — Tourmaline & Diamond ring; Antique White Gold Ring w/ Synthetic Ruby; Double Snake Head ring; & Black Opal & Diamond ring in White Gold



LUCKY CHARMS BRACELET                                                           b24-small

b61-smallabl60-smallb58-smallb36a-small click each to enlarge

In order — Mesh Buckle Bracelet in Yellow Gold; Opal Bangle; Coral Yellow Gold & Diamond Bracelet; & Snake Wrap Bracelet

b27-small                                      SHIPS AHOY BRACELET




In order — Rotary Telephone; Purse, Teapot, & Skeleton Keys — Charms


In order — Studded Padlock, Fox Drop, Filigree Gold Ball Drop, & Rock Crystal Orb Locket



In order — Triple Drop Amethyst Earrings; Amethyst Hexagonal Earrings; Citrine Drop Earrings; & Yellow Gold Tassel Earrings


In order — Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings; Moonstone Drop Earrings; Peridot & Diamond Drop Earrings; Turquoise & Diamond Earrings


n42-small                                                CLOVER NECKLACE

PAINTED PORCELAIN NECKLACE                                      n43-d94-small

n11-smalln30a-smalln31-smalln48-smallclick each to enlarge

In order — Triple Star Floating necklace; Bohemian Garnet Cluster necklace; Diamond Scalloped necklace; & Arrow necklace in Yellow Gold

n64-small                             DOUBLE DIAMOND DROP NECKLACE

SAPPHIRE BOW DROP NECKLACE                                        d132-small


c18-small                    LOVE UNDER LOCK & KEY CHAIN

HONEYCOMB SNOWFLAKE ON A CHAIN                            c30-small

d116-c1-small                                   BUTTON HOLE WATCH & CHAIN

AMETHYST GOLD & PEARL CHAIN                                            d166-small

I can’t wait to see more from this phenomenally unique vintage jewelry brand in the future!! Good luck to Turner & Tatler!

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