Auburn Jewelry — The Sky’s the Limit!



And that’s the way it should be when it comes to customized jewelry. Auburn Jewelry is a custom jewelry brand I’ve come across from since launching Fashion Nexus. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one-on-one with the brand’s founder, Samantha Auburn Levine. Needless to say, I am IMPRESSED & am happy to share this wonderfully unique brand with the Fashion Nexus community!

Auburn Jewelry is a brand that offers exclusive lines of high-quality sterling silver, 14k gold, brass, copper, and enamel pieces. In addition, the brand offers a wide range of product categories from which one can choose to make a purchaseBracelets, Bridal, Charms, Cufflinks, Dog Breeds, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, & Initial Pendants — just to name a few. And when making your selections, REMEMBER, there are lots of colors to choose from as well — 18 to be specific! This includes “New Fall Colors” such as Burnt Orange and Chocolate Brown, and ” Brand Best Sellers” such as Hot Pink and Mint Green.

burnt-orange-270x270            Chocolate-brown-270x270             Hot-pink-270x270            Mint-Green1-270x270

Samantha is a true talent and visionary with each piece she creates, and of course, she strives to make customer satisfaction a top priority. That is why there are so many options when it comes to placing an order. And for those wishing to make an even more personalized statement of style, commissioned pieces are also available by request.


Samantha’s background has always included a passion for jewelry making. She started designing jewelry in 2001 at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY. She then went on to graduate in 2009 from Skidmore College, with a minor in Jewelry and Metals. Then in 2010, Samantha enrolled at a local metals studio, while also attending Western New England University School of Law in Springfield, Massachusetts. While attending law school, in 2012, Levine launched Auburn Jewelry. Since her 2013 graduation, Samantha has been designing and handcrafting jewelry full-time.

Fashion Nexus of course wishes Auburn Jewelry nothing but the best, including tons of success! But it appears the brand is already enjoying some success! Auburn Jewelry has experienced a great deal of featured press from both major publications and fashion blogs alike, including,, Stylebistro, Westchester Magazine, WAG Magazine, My Fashion Juice, Splash Magazine, Time Out NY, and being “Voted Best of New York for Style and Shopping from CBS New York.”

New-York-Shopping                           Screen-shot-2014-05-30-at-1.10.25-PM                  people

And now for the fun part, taking a look at some of the amazingly unique pieces within the many product categories from which a customer can create an order. But first, remember you can shop online or reach out to Auburn Jewelry thru their Contact page — contact form, telephone ((914) 215-1018), or email (

BAMBOO      bamboo-circle-necklace-300x300Bamboo-cufflink1-300x300

sterling-planished-bracelet-300x300                       Untitled-1-300x300                             BRACELETS

BRIDAL & PACKAGES                Mr-Mrs-slider-pic-small-300x300            bridal-S-300x300

NS-heart-charm-300x300Anchor-charm-300x300      CHARMS

(this includes custom, initials, numbers, SPCA donations, U.S. States, & Zodiac signs)

CUFFLINKS                        Anchor-cufflinks-300x300                               sterling-Organic-cufflinks-300x300

Autism-Puzzle-Piece1-300x300                              Ballerina-400x400                CUSTOM OPTIONS

DOG BREEDS                         Chi-pendant-300x300                             poodle-300x300

sterling-planished-spiral-earrings-300x300                             sterling-squares-light-blue-300x300                        EARRINGS

ELLE BY AUBURN                   bird-300x300                         Breat-cancer-ribbon1-300x300

bunny-300x300                 Gecko-300x300                             EXOTIC ANIMALS

INITIAL PENDANTS                                             Orange-J-400x400                               Hot-Pink-A-300x300

Brass-guitar-pick-keychain-300x300                                   Magic-hat-keychain-300x300                        KEYCHAINS

MINIS                                     mini-gold-heart-300x300                            mini-hearts-copy-300x300

IMG_0838-300x300                          mono-jenna-300x300                            MONOGRAMS

NECKLACES                             Brass-NY-300x300                            sterling-and-sterling-california-pendant-300x300

sterling-planished-circle-necklace-300x300                          Double-interlocking-sterling-ring-300x300               PLANISHED PIECES

RINGS                                                                                          Sterling-and-gold-stacking-rings-300x300

teal-dog-bone-SPCA1-300x300                           black-fish-featured-300x300                                      SPCA

STATE PENDANTS                                                                          sterling-and-enamel-Cape-cod-teal-pendant-300x300

red-key-300x300                                                                  VALENTINE’S DAY

“To Be Charmed & Chained” — That’s Joey J.



Joey J. jewelry that is! And I’m going to start this piece with an amazing offer Joey J. has presented to Fashion Nexus readers. Joey J. is offering a special discount for any orders made before July 21st, 2014 — 10% OFF ANY ORDERS — just use the special promo code “JOEYJNEXUS10”!! So as you are reading this piece, I hope you will take the time to peruse Joey J.’s website. And as I’m sure you will instantly find some pieces you love, now you have all the more reason to put in an order — ENJOY!


But let’s get back to Joey J. and learning a bit more about this uniquely detailed brand. The designer behind the brand is Joanne Joseph. She made a passion out of jewelry-making from extensive travels and exposure to culturally diverse cities. Her brand’s mission is to create timeless and sophisticated pieces. And she accomplishes this mission with her unique jewelry making process, which ultimately gives each individual piece an antique and edgy feel.


The pieces, as you will see, mix blackened metals and then are combined with 14k gold over sterling silver. Joey J. pieces are certainly ones you can incorporate in both present and future looks. They will easily transition from day to night, all in all, very versatile! Take a look at the brand’s most recent line, “Glamorous Romance”, which encompasses options of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings

JJB3037V_2048x2048                            JJE0038V_2048x2048

JJN4003V_2048x2048                             JR5020V_2048x2048

The brand has already received a great deal of featured press, from a variety of outlets — Accessories Magazine/June 2014 Issue; InStore Magazine/March 2014 issue; JCK Magazine feature; Fashion Rooftop feature; Fashion Foot feature; and more! I too am very much impressed with Joey J. — the intricate details, stunning allure/appeal, and high fashion quality. You can of course shop for Joey J. online, but there are also several stores across the U.S. that carry the brand.

JR5017V_2048x2048                                 JJN4024V_2048x2048

JJE0002V_2048x2048                          JJB3036V_2048x2048

I have to point out again, the brand is quite versatile. I see a bright future for Joey J. and I can’t wait to see more from the brand in the future. AND DON’T FORGET — SHOP JOEY J. NOW USING THE PROMO CODE “JOEYJNEXUS10” & YOU WILL RECEIVE 10% OFF YOUR ORDER!! (OFFER EXPIRES JULY 21ST!)  Also, keep updated with Joey J., as I will be doing the same —

JJE0021V_2048x2048                            JJR5035BRH_2048x2048

JJB3039V_2048x2048                               JJN4030V_2048x2048



Biovea @ Nolcha Fashion Week =’s ……



Simply put, a match made in heaven. Now this is not the first time this leading manufacturer and online retailer of high-end health and beauty products has taken part in Nolcha Fashion Week. But this time, Biovea is back, bringing even bigger collaborations and more excitement! Joining in on this sweepstakes madness is Adrian London skincare & Neulook, and it’s hard to say that the resulting prize pack is nothing short of an amazing offer.


So what do you win

  • a $3000 Visa gift card
  • 2 VIP Nolcha Fashion Week show passes
  • & many more exclusive gifts & goodies

How do you enter? —Simply click on this link and  YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!

I must say, speaking as someone who has attended Nolcha Fashion Week shows many times, this is a once in a lifetime type prize. Of course $3000 to spend is amazing. But not many people have the pleasure of attending major NYFW shows. I attend all the time and people are always asking me — how were you able to go, what is it like, etc. By entering this GIVEAWAY, you too could have the EXPERIENCE — seeing some talented designers present stunning looks, networking with major industry insiders, and hey, maybe even see a celeb or 2 along the way. Here are some pics of myself at Nolcha Fashion Week during various seasons!

1653305_10153823229010517_777605313_n                              photo 4

100_5184                             100_5171


Here is a bit more information about the brand to thank for this opportunity — Biovea. As part of Biovea’s mission, the brand is all about maintaining a strong reputation for service, reliability and quality. The brand is fully and deeply committed to providing tools for healthy living. They offer a wide range of products within a vast array of categories — Vitamins & Supplements, Diet & Fitness, Beauty, Personal Care, Kids, Pets, Food & Home, Organic, & more!


Adrian London, sold thru Biovea, is the leading innovator in naturally effective and luxurious skin care formulas. Products one can select from are — Soothing Regeneration cream, Daily Replenish moisturizers, Renewal cleansers, & more! There are even product options for men, such as Calming Aftershave toner and Age-Defying Moisture cream. And the banner ad below is not a joke or just an image I’m using for this post. Take a look at the various products and if you see something you like, now is the perfect time to buy! You can save 15% off your purchase by using the Promo Code “ADRIAN15”.

ALHomeUK                              AL_HLA_Cream


Neulook, an online retailer set as your “Premier Beauty Destination”, is also taking part in all of this SWEEPSTAKES excitement. With Neulook, you can shop for a wide selection of beauty products from some of your fave beauty brands — Calvin Klein, Paris Hilton, Source Naturals, Dior, Gucci, BIOVEA, OPI, LA Naturals, and more! And again, as seen in the banner ad below, another amazing current offer, to save 10% off your 1st purchase by using the Promo Code “Neu10”.


So we have Biovea, Nolcha Fashion Week, Neulook, and Adrian London to thank for this AMAZING SWEEPSTAKES OFFER. Make sure, again, that you enter, as you do not want to miss out on this unique chance to get some loot and be at an actual runway show, in NYC, during NYFW!! Stay in touch and updated with Biovea across social media by Liking their Facebook page, Following on Twitter, and/or their Instagram page.



Kenley Collins — There is Just No Stopping this Designer!



It amazes me how much this young talent can do — coming out with yet another collection, which now even includes menswear, still designing stunning and sexy pieces for the young pop starlet, Ariana Grande, and just to throw some fun in the mix, designing looks for the windows of various It’Sugar candy stores. Kenley Collins‘ latest collection has been out a few weeks now, but great work still deserves recognition. So just like her past collections — Grease “Pink Ladies” & Marilyn Monroe-inspired line — I am here to now write about her PopArt collection.


(Pop Cassettes printed Crop-top & pencil skirt, and a black Holly Golightly dress)

The one aspect of Kenley’s work that I always love and commend, is that no matter what the underlying theme of the line is, you can always tell when you are wearing a Kenley original. She has such a unique and distinctive voice and aesthetic within her designs. You can see it in the cut, the silhouette, the dynamic prints, and more! And I always feel there is something for everyone — dresses, separates, accessories, bathing suits, and more! Also now, that “something for everyone” includes men! Yes, you heard it right, now those bold Kenley prints can also be rocked by any man who dares and I say WHY NOT!

10360609_10201913908076361_3861540416036137619_n                                  c2-abbcc2ad880490602ba81c96bdaaf372

You can always shop online (always some great sales going on!) for stunning Kenley originals or, if you are in NYC, you can head over to Brooklyn and shop for her pieces at Slapback. Taking a closer look at the menswear pieces, there are a lot of fun selections — from the Cool Rider tie to the Pop Cassettes printed shirt to the Ronnettes Rose printed shirt to the Citrus Squeeze tie (all seen in the image above). But of course, there is even more fun in store for the ladies!


(Audrey swimsuit in black; “Be My Baby” pink swimsuit; Tiffany’s swimsuit)



Kenley-LOOK7-Front-A             Kenley-LOOK5-Front-A

TOP — “Chapel of Love” dress & Crystals Chevron; BOTTOM — Sinatra dress


With the above picture, the look on the right, we have the Ronettes Rose crop-top & circle skirt, which brings us to some very versatile SEPARATES!!

Kenley-LOOK15-Front-A             Kenley-LOOK21-Front-A

(White Bardot crop-tops; Pop pink skirt; & Blue sea skirt w/ sheer overlay)


Kenley-LOOK14-Front-A             Kenley-LOOK13-Front-A

(Pop Cassettes print & Chain of Hounds)


(Watermelon Supreme top & skirt and Shangri-Las top & shorts)

And so as mentioned above, aside from being so creative, always coming out with chic collections, Kenley also manages to make custom outfits for pop sensation Ariana Grande. So it’s highly likely if you’ve seen Ariana perform lately, she was wearing a Kenley custom original!!

10337743_10201898351607459_3807008617514447313_n                                 10302107_10201824033189545_6895837967599572366_n

10173775_10201819551357502_4170054309987713149_n                           10325759_10201939031344427_1123112917158501132_n

Also, and this is very Project Runway-esque, she is still whipping up unconventional materials looks, specifically candy, to liven up the windows of It’Sugar candy stores- SUPER FUN & EXCITING!!

10302055_10201952903811230_6192495552082070829_n                                    10296654_10201953152057436_7320075587266174681_n


KENLEY, YOU WILL FOREVER HAVE A FAN OF YOUR WORK WITH FASHION NEXUS!! & I’m sure my readers will enjoy seeing what you’ve been up to and we all can’t wait to see what’s next!

Turner & Tatler — Vintage Jewelry for Modern Times


One of the best things about having my fashion blog, and really about being in NYC, is you never know what each day might bring. Everyday is like a surprise, where hidden treasures can be easily found. Relating this back to fashion, take for example an ordinary fashion outing for my fashion blog, Fashion Nexus. I am out at a press preview for a fave jewelry brand of mine, Ted Rossi, where lo and behold I stumble upon another astounding jewelry brand — Turner & Tatler.


I liken Turner & Tatler to a hidden treasure because it is such a unique brand, where each piece is truly special and has its own piece of history. It’s just like the brand’s owner, creator, and founder, Cindy Chaplin, says, the pieces are “modern renditions made from classic pieces of an earlier day…… the antiques of tomorrow.” Cindy has always had a love for jewelry, dating back to fond memories of shopping trips with her mother to the heart of the jewelry district in NYC — 47th Street. So how did a love of jewelry, with an interest in its history, lead to the inception of Turner & Tatler?


It is not a huge surprise. And the instant you meet Cindy and begin discussing her work, you can see the passion, drive, and fondness in her eyes. It’s very encouraging and inspirational to see a hard working woman is making the most and finding success with something she holds so dear to her heart. Cindy started the brand in 2012. She found an unfulfilled market for antique jewelry that was being admired, yet not worn. The premise behind Turner & Tatler is that for each piece, she takes other pieces apart and puts them back into a more useable form. A few examples — an Edwardian belt buckle as a diamond necklace, or a Victorian star brooch floating on a neck chain. It’s yesterday’s jewelry fashioned for today. But each piece still retains its vintage appeal, while still portraying a modern or fresh feel.


There is no added manufacturing. And there are also a wide range of pieces from which to choose — bracelets, chains, charms, earrings, necklaces, and rings. The collection can be seen in London at Liberty of London (purchase available thru Kojis Jewelry) and also at the Harborview Center for Antiques in Connecticut. There are a few ways as of now to make purchases such as visiting a private trunk show or contacting Cindy directly @ or 914-329-9790.


I have thoroughly perused the Turner & Tatler site, so fun, & I encourage all of my readers to do the same! Here are just a few of my fave pieces within each product category —



VINTAGE GREEN ENAMEL BUCKLE RING                    r32-small


In order — Tourmaline & Diamond ring; Antique White Gold Ring w/ Synthetic Ruby; Double Snake Head ring; & Black Opal & Diamond ring in White Gold



LUCKY CHARMS BRACELET                                                           b24-small

b61-smallabl60-smallb58-smallb36a-small click each to enlarge

In order — Mesh Buckle Bracelet in Yellow Gold; Opal Bangle; Coral Yellow Gold & Diamond Bracelet; & Snake Wrap Bracelet

b27-small                                      SHIPS AHOY BRACELET




In order — Rotary Telephone; Purse, Teapot, & Skeleton Keys — Charms


In order — Studded Padlock, Fox Drop, Filigree Gold Ball Drop, & Rock Crystal Orb Locket



In order — Triple Drop Amethyst Earrings; Amethyst Hexagonal Earrings; Citrine Drop Earrings; & Yellow Gold Tassel Earrings


In order — Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings; Moonstone Drop Earrings; Peridot & Diamond Drop Earrings; Turquoise & Diamond Earrings


n42-small                                                CLOVER NECKLACE

PAINTED PORCELAIN NECKLACE                                      n43-d94-small

n11-smalln30a-smalln31-smalln48-smallclick each to enlarge

In order — Triple Star Floating necklace; Bohemian Garnet Cluster necklace; Diamond Scalloped necklace; & Arrow necklace in Yellow Gold

n64-small                             DOUBLE DIAMOND DROP NECKLACE

SAPPHIRE BOW DROP NECKLACE                                        d132-small


c18-small                    LOVE UNDER LOCK & KEY CHAIN

HONEYCOMB SNOWFLAKE ON A CHAIN                            c30-small

d116-c1-small                                   BUTTON HOLE WATCH & CHAIN

AMETHYST GOLD & PEARL CHAIN                                            d166-small

I can’t wait to see more from this phenomenally unique vintage jewelry brand in the future!! Good luck to Turner & Tatler!

Meet Athra Luxe — Jewelry that is the Essence of Luxury



Essence of luxury yes, but there is one more important characteristic to remember about this high fashion jewelry brand — it’s AFFORDABLE!! More specifically, this is ATHRA LUXE’S vision for their brand, to be the “go to” in the fashion jewelry industry for affordable luxury jewelry. The brand’s design team is filled with an extensive background of jewelers, artists, and crafters whose influences from around the world help to create these inspired collectable pieces.


ATHRA LUXE’s logo contains an Assyrian daisy flower and symbolizes an important aspect for the jewelry pieces — the ability to be worn year-round.There are 12 white spaces representing 12 months, 4 triangular shapes representing 4 seasons, and 1 dot in the middle, symbolizing the full calendar year.

DSC00340                                    DSC00345

The jewelry here utilizes sterling silver and gold over sterling silver, featuring black diamond crystals, fresh water pearls, cubic zirconia and black onyx, all of which creates a look of high end jewelry. This is what makes the brand affordable so not breaking the bank! There are 3 current collection within the ATHRA LUXE brand:

THE BLACK CRYSTAL COLLECTION — Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, & Necklaces

You will see features in this collection such as the oval black diamond crystals & the use of 14K gold over sterling silver. These pieces are all elegantly crafted and really would serve to amp up your look — perfect for date night or a cocktail event!

333252V_grande.jpg?v=1379095571       AL333295V_grande.jpg?v=1379096709

3014449V_grande.jpg?v=1379092074       AL3014450V_grande.jpg?v=1379360864

354887V_d0dbe015-0765-46ae-88a2-ae5005ec245f_grande.jpg?v=1379099922                      luxe1

athraluxe-necklace                                                 images

THE ITALIAN COLLECTION — Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, & Bracelets

In this collection, Night in Tuscany, you will see features such as rose gold over sterling silver, or rhodium over sterling silver, chain-wrapped items and the like! These pieces have such a delicate quality and really could elevate your look whether it’s for an easy breezy day look or just out for the evening!

33663c7fd2f81bf4e8e69590437157d9        images0f79db3edf9b50fb03d9c5ee53634f58

200349TT_grande.jpg?v=1375121000                                         d16cc4f62b02a03aae6b5e4a0d22ca5f

AL354966V_grande.jpg?v=1383161286                                     AL354967RG_grande.jpg?v=1383161456

232728_grande.jpg?v=1383160409                      yhst-131057384930429_2268_5736771_grande.jpg?v=1375119121


This collection has just 4 pieces — 2 sets of earrings, a necklace, & a ruby ring. So there are the ruby pieces and then the purple crystal rose gold pieces. These looks embody luxury and as you can see below as worn by Lauren Mayhew, they really are such a great extra touch of sparkle to complete your look!

AL30384R_grande.jpg?v=1385503115                                     AL35372R_grande.jpg?v=1385503776



ATHRA LUXE has been fortunate enough to have experienced a great deal of press, with features in multiple blogs and magazines such as the Upscale Living “Best of Luxury” Magazine, Lucky Magazine Community, Elucid Magazine, INSTORE & INDESIGN, Accessories Magazine, Fashion Rooftop, JCK and many more! Celebrity actress and singer Lauren Mayhew recently wore some pieces at the 2013 American Music Awards, which was actually how I became introduced to the brand. Fashion Nexus featured Lauren as Best Dressed from that event and this piece discussed the ATHRA LUXE pieces she wore — Limited Edition ruby red & white cubic zirconia earrings & ruby red & white cubic zirconia ring.


There are a variety of ways you can contact or keep updated with all that is ATHRA LUXE!!

You can also easily locate where ATHRA LUXE items are being sold near you!

DSC00341                                     DSC00343


The All-N-One Ashlyn’d Clutch — Fashionable, Affordable, & High Quality



When I’m getting ready to go out for the day or night, I plan my outfits. I think about the entire look — outfit to shoes to of course, my handbag! I assume most women also do this. For my day looks I generally use a purse. But at night, when I’m going out for drinks or dinner, or if I just don’t want to carry a heavy purse, I need that perfect clutch!



The beauty & brains behind ashlyn’d were too in search of the perfect evening bags and clutches. The ladies felt there was a lack of unique and affordable options in the marketplace. And with that, the brand was launched, almost a year ago, January 2013. Meet the ashlyn’d team:

ashleenik       Ashlee Nik — CEO & Designer; LA Native; fashion background experience from work @ J.Brand Jeans, etc.

DENISELEWINSTEIN          Denise Lewinstein                 1425477_10100177903636614_2115051064_o       Victoria Kochamba

FJ_0054           Charlotte Anheier — Chief Marketing Officer

The overall concepts behind the brand are to “expect the unexpected” and to create bags that are unique and whimsical in nature. Also within the various collections are nature-oriented or inspired themes. With this concept, the idea was to create clutches that looked like marble, granite, wood, etc. Acrylics and exotic woods with custom finishes were used to achieve these looks. During this process, Ashlee came up with the idea of creating a “snow-globe” effect, using translucent acrylic filled with colored sand that floated. This later led to entire collection of bags filled with pearls, crystals, and much more. All of these concepts & processes lead to clutches that are both very fashionable and of course, unique! Learn more about the ashlyn’d brand here.              (Twilight — pictured below)


The ladies are also focused on construction — using quality handcrafted goods & maintaining quality control. The whole manufacturing process is completed in Los Angeles, even the artwork, which is coordinated with LA based artists. Each bag is made with key features that every woman will appreciate — space & affordability. Each clutch has the room to fit all your necessities — phone, lipstick, credit card, ID, and much more! It was also very important to the ashlyn’d team that the clutches are reasonably priced. Big designer brand clutches, very similar to ashlyn’d, can run you anywhere from $500 to quadruple digits. The range for ashlyn’d clutches are mid $300s – mid $400s.


Best-Sellers: The Honor Roll; also Pandi & Goldy, sold nationwide @ LF Stores

There is a large list of boutiques and stores where ashlyn’d clutches can be purchased. You can email Charlotte at to locate a retailer near you! There are also international locations. But I know I have lots of readers in Cali, NYC, & my home-state, NC, so I’m looking out for all of you!


(Sally, new for 2014, available in stores late Feb. 2014)

ashlyn’d has received a lot of great press during it’s 1-year duration. Many magazines and publications have featured the clutches. And also many celebs have chosen to complete their looks with an ashlyn’d clutch.

  • Afisha Magazine
  • Fashion Tribune
  • WhoWhatWear
  • Celebs — Maria Menounos; Shaun Robinson; Emily Deschanel; Jenna Ushkowitz; Hayden Panettiere; Rose McGowan; Crystal Reed; Debby Ryan — Just to name a few!!

maria-menounos-elle-s-annual-women-in-television-celebration-january-2014_1Shaun-Robinson-301637765th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

262d8eb7-9bdf-4a7a-ae16-3081de703ce7_451779379                 hayden-panettiere-white-house-correspondents-association-dinner-washington-pic125340

rose-mcgowan-290                                       Crystal-Reed-mdn


Make sure to contact ashlyn’d if you have any questions or if you’ve seen a clutch that you like! You can also learn more about ashlyn’d and keep updated by Liking on Facebook, Following on Twitter, Liking on Instagram, or Pinning on Pinterest! And just for fun here are a few more images of the fun and fashionable ashlyn’d clutches!!


Charlotte (astroturf w/ spider on top) & Blossom


Abby & Shelly


    Teddy — new for 2014, available in stores late Feb. 2014

Happy Birthday to Pono by Joan Goodman!!



Yes, typically birthdays are celebrated with cakes & presents, but the statement making jewelry brand, PONO by Joan Goodman, decided to celebrate their 10th birthday or rather anniversary, a bit differently. PONO is launching, for Spring 2014, an anniversary collection — La Hanau, which is the Hawaiian word for “birthday” (keeping with a brand name trend, as PONO is the Hawaiian word for “goodness”). This collection is a new-retro take on some of the brand’s best sellers and family favorites. This special collection will be composed of 13 “especially opulent” items in the jewelry brand’s signature materials.

PONO has certainly become a fave jewelry brand of mine since starting my fashion blog. I urge you all to check out my past pieces — an intro to the brand and a special update about their Holiday Sample Sale. But for a brief recap, PONO started off with button-making, but now is all about offering a variety of bold & luxurious jewelry — so literally going from buttons to bangles. The brand is more than bangles though as it offers cuffs, chokers, and necklaces too. In fact, they are especially known for their signature chain-link necklaces. And as far as signature materials go, the ones utilized are horn, wood, metal, shell, & Italian resin. So it’s safe to say, PONO certainly has reason, RESIN to celebrate!


The fact of even having a 10 year anniversary, from their launch in 2004, to celebrate is one thing. But I’m sure while creating it, brand owners and sisters, Joan Goodman & Barbara Barnett, enjoyed thinking back to and reminiscing over their 20 collections and 75 shows. Collaborative efforts have also risen from this brand with a special line of jewelry for Slater Zorn, the fashion brand for the sports fan! It also must be a fun trip down memory lane thinking about all of the great press, such as magazine features in Vogue Italia to Harper’s Bazaar to Nylon to Cosmo. But print is not all, there has also been some stunning features with TV media/shows, such as The Good Wife, Girls, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and more. “PONO is my go-to source for elegant, chic jewelry”, explains “The Good Wife” costume designer, Dan Lawson. “I have collaborated with Joan on several projects and she never fails to have the perfect piece to not only finish a look but to MAKE the look.”

76350_176343619048290_815232_n                b9ef6c11089f346bd31609e9a181611e            88946230079564321_1381163307

In looking at some of the specific pieces for this collection, you can certainly see a nod to the brand’s history. For example, one of the brand’s signature pieces is the “Antonia link”, which came to surface in 2007. This necklace has evolved each season, thru updated techniques and new hues. And of course, it’s part of this collection (1st picture below). So let’s take a look at a few items!!

ab-antonia-resin-necklace-matte-white-p0790ab       ANTONIA Necklace — Italian resin classic chain necklace

(available in Matte White (pictured above) & Pebble)               

PONO-La-Hanau-03    ILENIA Necklace — new square link necklace in Linen

PONO-La-Hanau-02       ANA Choker — Italian resin classic chain link choker

(Available in Mercury (pictured above) & Matte White)

IMG_7116 SAILING TO TAHITI-Italian resin/Tahitian necklace, Latte

IMG_7101        GALAXY II — Resin & polaris bead ball choker in Latte

This collection will be available in the Spring at museum and specialty stores nationwide, as well as online at the brand’s new e-commerce website, which is now up & running! All PONO products are made in Italy. Item prices range from $25 to $800. The brand in entirety is available in 300 retail outlets nationwide, such as Henri Bendel, and 16 museum shops, such as the MET, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, New York’s Museum of Art & Design, The Barnes Foundation of Philadelphia, and most recently the new Parrish Art Museum in Watermill New York. For more information on sales, please contact Helaine Szabo at 212-216-0022 or

IMG_7143 (1)

Snow Queen & Jack Frost Show — A Fashion Show Like No Other!!



1459967_429843117117742_786343578_n   1393711_429843277117726_742551153_n    11217_429843267117727_1796825867_n

When most people hear the phrase “fashion show”, they are likely to think clothing, dresses, etc. But you have to remember, the fashion realm is so vast and so now, when it comes to shows, the sky is the limit! Think about what makes a look, yes there are the clothes, but there are also shoes, accessories, and of course, make-up & hair! So with that, if you are design artist for make-up & hair, you can create an amazing show!


Tawni Michelle of Dramatizon Make-Up has done just this. Tawni has over 12 years of experience with make-up design. In reaching this high level of experience, she decided to venture out on her own and start her own business. She provides make-up design, at affordable prices, for a wide variety of situations — head shots, editorial, fashion shoots, etc. You can learn more about Dramatizon on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram; handle is @dramatizon.

1528699_446568562111864_1145280498_n   1424486_446568985445155_263773262_n    1536481_446568772111843_1968497923_n


But rather than sticking to the traditional format of working with apparel fashion shows and merely providing make-up, she is now making the show be about the creative make-up design. And I have to say, it’s so stunning and so phenomenal! Her latest monthly show at Sky Room NYC, Snow Queen & Jack Frost, was simply awesome. I am so glad I was able to attend. Throughout this post are the various images from the show, before, during, & after. ENJOY!!

1013241_446577195444334_400634671_n                   1497752_446577092111011_269246835_n                  1506917_446577422110978_1360453446_n

So who was the team behind this fantastic show. Well first, there is the beautiful hair design, which was by Fallon Fitzpatrick — Fallon Fitzpatrick Hair Design. She has over 10 years of professional hair experience and does cuts, coloring, styling, & more! You can book an appointment with her at Y Gallery, Soho/NYC, but she also does freelance work. Check her work out on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! As you can see in the various images from the show, the work done on the models’ hair was all so intricate & detailed. I was blown away!

1383773_446569342111786_1418432873_n  1601361_446568488778538_1274552824_n     1530562_446577942110926_429934924_n


The models all worked lingerie/bikinis by Gigi Carnett. These looks were all so sexy and worked very well as a part of this show. The various accessories the models were wearing, crowns, necklaces, etc, were provided by Jenny Winters. It can’t be overlooked also that the head model was none other than NYC native and Big Brother 15 houseguest GinaMarie Zimmerman. I can’t tell you how starstruck I was since I love that show and rooted for this gal last summer! It was also such a pleasant surprise that another BB15 houseguest made an appearance to root for GM, Amanda Zuckerman. I hope to do a fashion feature with both of these ladies soon on Fashion Nexus!

1512650_446568802111840_266262066_n   The Lingerie    1515024_446576772111043_1078929511_n


1512436_446569212111799_722624440_n                  GM & AMANDA              1506872_446577695444284_569158485_n


One final mention, since all throughout my post are images of the show and promotional shots for the show, and that is Isadora B. Photography. Isadora offers a wide variety of photography services. You can check out her work on Facebook & Twitter.

So back to the one who put this altogether, Tawni of Dramatizon. You can’t deny how creative this work is. And the best part, this is only from 1 show. There has been so much more and will be so much more. Dramatizon’s mission is to bring the beauty, drama, flare, and FIERCENESS to everyone. The Dramatizon team can certainly do that! I can’t wait to attend another show and see more work from this team and their creative design work!

988776_690491237636890_122584165_n                  941486_681824095170271_1193829351_n                   1184945_646697245349623_162345016_n


1238778_646697265349621_1880020423_n                   1098492_646696902016324_880573210_n                  552594_631943376825010_259880686_n


Intrepid by Ao’c: Fashion, But with a Cause


INTREPID by Ao’c had a big year in 2013 and I think & hope 2014 will be even bigger! I first learned about INTREPID when I attended Nolcha Fashion Week’s Fall 2013 presentations back in September — check out that post here! The founder and designer behind this burgeoning fashion brand is Aerin O’Connell. It’s so admirable that this brand is making time to focus on both growth and giving back!

Intrepid logo Black                                                                                         62-682x1024

INTREPID collaborated with More Than Me Foundation with TUNIC FOR CHANGE. For a low price of $29.99, you purchase an eco-friendly tunic made of 100% hemp, each with unique embroideries. All of the proceeds go to benefit the More than Me Academy. The foundation works with community leaders to identify the girls who are at the highest risk of being sexually exploited to ensure that education and opportunity, not exploitation and poverty, defines their lives. They pay tuition, provide school lunch, and work with the school and community to get the job done!


So INTREPID recently presented a collection, a mix of R2W & eveningwear, at probably one of the coolest locations ever for a fashion show — SkyWalk, Grand Canyon, AZ. This was in late 2013 for the J. Autumn Skywalk Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh. This was a very symbolic collection for the brand; it was truly from-the-heart. Aerin said she was able to create from such a different realm with this collection. She looked at all of her past experiences and this was about a transition, a time for freedom, perfectly symbolized with the release of a dove!


INTREPID Dress at J Autumn Show1

J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOC (3)J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOC (14)J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOC (15)

J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOCThese looks all have such richness in the color tones and would look stunning on the red carpet! It was so hard to choose a few faves so the plus-side, you can see way more images! I had the same vibe when I saw the various looks presented during Nolcha Fashion Week. Again, I loved the colors here! I also loved the great mix of chic, elegant, and casual day-wear looks.


This look is probably my most fave of the collection. It’s simplistic, but very chic. It would transition so easily from day to night.


INTREPID experienced a great deal of press from this show because not only was Jennie Garth in attendance, but she also walked in the show!! Jennie looks great in this fitted look and I love sheer long-sleeves, great touch! Check out the full video of this runway presentation here.


But of course this isn’t the only great INTREPID press; there is more, from US Weekly features to celebrity sightings such as with Olivia Munn. The brand is definitely making moves and you can keep up-to-date by making sure to Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter. For additional contact information you can also check out the brand’s customer service page. Fashion Nexus wishes INTREPID by A’oc the best of luck in 2014! I can’t wait to see you present again!!