MBFW Swim 2014 Part 3 — Even More Designers Set to Present!



So Day 2 & Day 3 posts, with designer information and images, are up regarding MBFW Swim. Again, here is the full list of designers and the entire schedule. But what about Day 4 — let’s check out those designers, their past work, & a little bit of brand information!

PROFILE & BLUSH BY GOTTEX — July 20th, 5 pm, Raleigh Pool

13856408844                           13713675490

Profile & Blush — made for you, as consumers, to enjoy! The brand invites you to find the perfect fit, basically, to have fun with the pieces by mixing & matching.

13713146427                              13713117186

GOTTEX — July 20th, 5:30 pm, Raleigh Pool

4467.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4466.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

When you think Gottex, think iconic, quality, fashionable, & glamorous — it has been that way since the brand’s inception — 1956, over 50 years in this business!

4468.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4458.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

CAFFE SWIMWEAR — July 20th, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

4541.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4540.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Caffe Swimwear is the Perfect Blend, from the exquisite use of luxurious materials, to the sexy & undeniably chic style, and finally to the flattering fit provided by each swimwear piece.

4545.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4537.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

BELUSSO — July 20th, 7 pm, Oasis

If you are into a laid-back, luxe lifestyle, then Belusso is the brand for you with an uncompromising fit, use of luxurious fabrics, & the ability to marry current fashion trends to resort-wear.


MEEGAN ELIZABETH HAWAII — July 20th, 7:30 pm, Penthouse

neu01mFanFsv4xRC2VewTL67c50kJYj1ka3pyTBa3I_large                    Meegan-51_647f1f8c-f778-4d78-b6c5-8327bfb159a1_large

A specialization in versatility, limited edition swimwear, & free-flowing island beachwear — that’s Meegan Elizabeth Hawaii!


LULI FAMA — July 20th, 8 pm, Cabana Grande

4522.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4523.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

So what is Luli Fama known for — a universally flattering fit, immaculate designs, eclectic mix of vibrant hues, bold prints — just to a name a few.

4524.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4530.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

SUBOO — July 20th, 9 pm, Oasis

3480.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658                            3481.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

Suboo swimwear & cover-ups are all about a masterful construction, while still maintaining wearability. You will find within this brand — fusing clean lines, signature prints, and bold colors.

4201.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              7137.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

JANKELE — July 20th, 9:30 pm, Penthouse


Jankele transcends the code of a physical existence; it goes beyond the belief of what is ordinary.


6 SHORE ROAD BY POOJA — July 20th, 10 pm Cabana Grande

4655.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4666.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

6 Shore Road is a playful brand, but still with subtle edgy silhouettes — the pieces can be worn from dusk til dawn!

4676.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                4683.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

MBFW Swim Part 2 — The Countdown Continues…



So yesterday I posted about the 1st batch of designers who are showing on Day 2 for MBFW Swim. Here is the full list of designers and the entire schedule. But now, let’s check out what’s in store for Day 3!!

CAITLIN KELLY DESIGNER SWIMWEAR — July 19th, 5 pm, Penthouse

4762.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4756.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Caitlin Kelly is bringing quality, technique, and love back into the garments consumers buy — designer swimwear at its best.

4759.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                           4757.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

L*SPACE BY MONICA WISE — July 19th, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

4491.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4496.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Monica’s global travels provide her with endless inspiration. From the beaches of France, Mexico, and Bali to all points along the So. Cal. coast — pieces of these faraway places can be seen in each L*Space look.

4499.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4493.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

MIKOH — July 19th, 7 pm, Oasis


Mikoh swimwear brand is that of a very specific lifestyle — it’s swimwear for a confident and modern woman, unique & wearable no matter where she is.

mikoh-swimwear-2014                    mikoh-swimwear-k-3

RIP CURL — July 19th, 7:30 pm, Penthouse

GSWAA7_WHITECAP-GREY_2-display                              GSIAB7_BRIGHT-PINK_2-display

Rip Curl is more than just swimwear — it’s versatility, accessories, surfing, menswear options & more!


MARA HOFFMAN SWIM — July 19th, 8 pm, Cabana Grande

4290.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4289.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Mara Hoffman, a brand that always delivers, bold, statement-making prints with each design — never disappointing!

4302.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4298.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

MAAJI SWIMWEAR — July 19th, 9 pm, Oasis

4556.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4565.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Maaji is inspired from a magical surreal story — a true collaborative effort. The brand is a whimsical world full of eclecticism & attitude, seeking to create surprise and magic within each piece.

4557.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                4573.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

CM CIA MARITIMA — July 19th, 10 pm, Cabana Grande

4353.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4352.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

The details, the intricacies, you can clearly see the passion behind CM CIA Maritima. And not to mention the ability to design and stay true to the brand’s Brazilian heritage.

4342.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                 4343.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

MBFW Swim 2014 Part 1 — It’s Just Days Away…



That’s right! In just a few short days Miami Beach will be hosting the annual fashion extravaganza for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, July 17 – 21. Tons of talented swimwear, accessories, and resortwear designers will be in sunny Miami Beach showcasing their 2015 collections. The first day of this major fashion event is July 17th, which is all about celebrating 10 years of #MBFWSWIM. The party will be at The Raleigh Hotel. So Day 2, July 18th, is when the actual runway presentations kickoff. Here is the full schedule, but for now, let’s check out what designers are set for Day 2 and take a look back at some of their past work!

POKO PANO — July 18th, 5 pm, Raleigh Pool

4126.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                               4128.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Poko Pano is about whimsical, fashion-forward styled swimwear, all while staying true to the brand’s Brazilian heritage.

200_392.7220_final               198_392.7215_final           198_392.7219_-_Mila_Turq_-_final

DOLORES CORTES — July 18th, 6 pm, Cabana Grande


The Dolores Cortes brand has over 50 years of experience in the swimwear business — clearly, they know what to do & what they’re doing when it comes to swimwear!



FRANKIE’S BIKINIS — July 18th, 7pm, Oasis

photo_large                     edited_white_willow_322e20a9-a5c2-4f20-b993-6ca530947765_large

Seamless, simple, & sexy bikinis — that’s Frankie’s Bikinis. It’s So. Cal’s coast style, infused with the Hawaiian shoreline.

1_7893f91a-ea0d-4dc9-92f0-e3e7371275e5_large                  JeMlT7Fdtuo_VDemxfPftWxUmuKpBsgpbh-V9DTzvdc_LAnLTnnQad7_DGkhKg156de8yLbeIX1nfh5Wn75eWo8_large

CLOVER CANYON — July 18th, 7:30 pm, Penthouse

37494.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658                       37498.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

Clover Canyon invites women to join them on a journey of the imagination — Where do you want to go?!?

37493.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658                            37485.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

WILDFOX SWIM — July 18th, 8 pm, Cabana Grande

3577.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658                         3575.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

Wildfox means vintage, iconic, dreamlike quality, and ultimately, pieces that tell a story, including the brand’s swimwear pieces. ENJOY!!

3572.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658                         3566.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

WE ARE HANDSOMEJuly 18th, 9 pm, Oasis

4712.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658                           4699.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

Who knew behind this bold & daring swimwear brand was a dynamic duo, actually husband & wife — what a team!! No wonder We Are Handsome seems so creatively in sync.

4704.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658                            6819.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

SINESIA KAROL — July 18th, 9:30 pm, Penthouse


Sinesia Karol seeks to infuse fashion & art together, when it comes to her work and swimwear pieces.


BEACH BUNNY SWIMWEAR, Featuring The Blonds — July 18th, 10 pm, Cabana Grande

1_1159798_FS                      1_1159802_FS

The brains, beauty, & body behind Beach Bunny Swimwear is former fashion model Angela Chittenden — so from swimsuit model to swimwear maverick is just one of this brand’s mantras!

1_1157265_FS                           1_1158369_FS

1_1159419_FS                     1_1159570_FS

Countdown to Nolcha Fashion Week Continues………………Sept. 2014




That’s right, the countdown continues, and now, there are even more designers set for Nolcha Fashion Weeks’s line-up. My first Nolcha Fashion Week piece from last week introduced the fashion extravaganza and some of the designers who are ready to showcase their amazing talents and work. And let’s not forget about the amazing sweepstakes that’s ongoing for NFW, from partnerships with Biovea, Adrian London, & Neulook. You can check out my full piece on the Biovea giveaway here, but here are the basics — ENTER & here is what you win —

  • a $3000 Visa gift card
  • 2 VIP passes to Nolcha Fashion Week
  • & tons of other goodies!

But now, let’s check out some more designers set for NOLCHA FASHION WEEK —

CHARLES & RON                                                       charles-and-ron

The Charles & Ron brand invite you, to be a part of the brand’s Mediterranean lifestyle — feminine silhouettes & modern graphic prints.


mariana-valentina-designer-profile                             MARIANA VALENTINA

This is not Mariana Valentina’s first time at Nolcha Fashion Week, but the brand is back, 3rd year in a row, & ready to empower women with its bold & confident pieces!


RINAT BRODACH                                                          rinat-brodach

The Rinat Brodach brand seeks to inspire women to lead from the heart, and to feel confident, secure, and sensual.


sofia-arana                                              SOFIA ARANA

Sofia Arana pieces are all about whimsical and classic silhouettes — different cuts, details, and flares to develop picturesque designs.


Nolcha Fashion Week is growing each year, and this year will no doubt be a huge success! The event has received some major press over the past couple of years, such as Good Morning America, US Weekly, The NY Times, Lucky Magazine, The Huffington Post, Glamour, and more! And of course no event can experience any level of success without a strong team to put the pieces altogether. And this includes work and help from Event Sponsors, and Nolcha Sponsors are of course top-notch: Skinny Girl Sparklers, Adrian London, Air Europa, Fashion Beauty Monitor, Neulook, Bellaforma Wine, Mahnanny, Franciacorta wine, Smart Water, AOF Makeup, DonQ rum, Kusmi Tea, and Zico Coconut water.



Summer 2014 — Featured Essentials!


Yes, it’s SUMMERTIME!! So take a look at the various swimwear & beachwear brands featured, with some amazing pieces currently up for grabs. There are options for both men & women. But also included are some fun accessories. And remember, these are just a few of the vast array of options each of these brands have available — check out their website for even more SUMMERTIME FUN! ENJOY!!


Gossard Lingerie/Swimwear — Bandeau Plunge    RB_costume_350_350

3f7dddeca1a9d46fef19a369f0f4a60e                ModCloth“Now You See Me” Bikini

Miss MandalayBlack Haltered Bikini                                                  1366153888-22732200

3151824_0414-km305blackwhite_grande     No Fashion DeadlineTuxedo Swimsuit

Nasty GalMandalynn Betty Swimsuit                                                 15483.0.zoom

janie_one-piece_b_w_floral_1_copy_large                                                       ZinkeJanie One-Piece

Playful Promises Black Aztec GeoPrint                                                      4f4023c63551606a06cd685d4e9a3d025ac44ff3--900x1350auto

m201404191647hve          Jolly ChicPrinted Black Cat 1-piece

Letarte SwimwearKissing Fish Triangle Bikini                               koi-1039m 2006 multi

73_755_1041_740                                               ExpressStrappy Plunging 1-Piece


T42802_638_A_224x224                                                      NauticaNeon Striped Boardshorts

PoloBig Pony Trunks                                                       pPOLO2-18098115_lifestyle_t240

m1125con_nea_1                                       BillabongConquest Boardshorts

PACSUNFox Overhead Boardshorts                               0150010950045NEW_01_047

A5933_NA7259_m                                                J. CrewStriped boardshorts

TopmanBlue floral swim trunks                           33P27HBLE_normal

615_YES_2641-474x654                                           ZanerobeBlack Bandana swim trunks

LacosteCroc Swim trunks                                                 419Q6pcW1cL._SX334_

QORI-MX1_V1                                       Revolve ClothingQuicksilver Boardshorts

BonobosSurfside Boardshorts                                                               swim_boardshort_9in_photosurfprint_tall01


BebeTribal Floppy hat                                                                    rbb-236801-b_w-i1

Soybu-Coastal-Coverup-White-detail                            ActivewearUSASoybu Coastal Coverup

Ramy Brook Tulum                                                               40_Cover ups-128_Retouch

blackpool_resize                                           Minnie RoseReversible Cotton Twill Hat

Trina TurkPlumas Covers Tunic                                                     TT45150_BLK

40X5159_5061           DesigualShopping Amplio tote

Francesca’sVero Beach Swim Cover-up                      GLT150150J_blue-cl-w350

222915786                                  Heather HueyOld Hollywood

Victoria’s SecretLinen Beaded Cover-up                                              V355412

00088428-01                         Forever 21Seaside Striped tote

“To Be Charmed & Chained” — That’s Joey J.



Joey J. jewelry that is! And I’m going to start this piece with an amazing offer Joey J. has presented to Fashion Nexus readers. Joey J. is offering a special discount for any orders made before July 21st, 2014 — 10% OFF ANY ORDERS — just use the special promo code “JOEYJNEXUS10”!! So as you are reading this piece, I hope you will take the time to peruse Joey J.’s website. And as I’m sure you will instantly find some pieces you love, now you have all the more reason to put in an order — ENJOY!


But let’s get back to Joey J. and learning a bit more about this uniquely detailed brand. The designer behind the brand is Joanne Joseph. She made a passion out of jewelry-making from extensive travels and exposure to culturally diverse cities. Her brand’s mission is to create timeless and sophisticated pieces. And she accomplishes this mission with her unique jewelry making process, which ultimately gives each individual piece an antique and edgy feel.


The pieces, as you will see, mix blackened metals and then are combined with 14k gold over sterling silver. Joey J. pieces are certainly ones you can incorporate in both present and future looks. They will easily transition from day to night, all in all, very versatile! Take a look at the brand’s most recent line, “Glamorous Romance”, which encompasses options of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings

JJB3037V_2048x2048                            JJE0038V_2048x2048

JJN4003V_2048x2048                             JR5020V_2048x2048

The brand has already received a great deal of featured press, from a variety of outlets — Accessories Magazine/June 2014 Issue; InStore Magazine/March 2014 issue; JCK Magazine feature; Fashion Rooftop feature; Fashion Foot feature; and more! I too am very much impressed with Joey J. — the intricate details, stunning allure/appeal, and high fashion quality. You can of course shop for Joey J. online, but there are also several stores across the U.S. that carry the brand.

JR5017V_2048x2048                                 JJN4024V_2048x2048

JJE0002V_2048x2048                          JJB3036V_2048x2048

I have to point out again, the brand is quite versatile. I see a bright future for Joey J. and I can’t wait to see more from the brand in the future. AND DON’T FORGET — SHOP JOEY J. NOW USING THE PROMO CODE “JOEYJNEXUS10” & YOU WILL RECEIVE 10% OFF YOUR ORDER!! (OFFER EXPIRES JULY 21ST!)  Also, keep updated with Joey J., as I will be doing the same —

JJE0021V_2048x2048                            JJR5035BRH_2048x2048

JJB3039V_2048x2048                               JJN4030V_2048x2048



Happy 4th of July!!!



Fashion Nexus is celebrating the 4th in true form and style — highlighting and showing off some amazing looks and accessories in either red, white, or blue! Because really, red, white, or blue pieces are not just for the 4th, but can be worn all summer. So enjoy my featured list and comment below with maybe your own 4th fashion style!


19TB                  Hilton HollisMiracle Stretch Architectural Dress

DesigualCapricornio Dress                                  42V2017_1000

57cebba0b7c52d4c3e7e5f92e9a74454                                              ModclothYacht & About Shorts

Francesca’sCroydon Button Down romper  JP1488_red-cl-w350

y5330a334d292a-blbrt-a    CacheSolid Crepe Jumpsuit

RVN Cutout Illusion Maxi RVN Ecom-0451


1-158_1024x1024                                  Tattee BoyMen’s Fitness Shorts

Ernest Alexander“Evans” Button-down              shirt1_all

PA236038_RD07_A_large         Todd SnyderCrimson Basic Chino

NauticaColor Blocked swim trunk                                         T41702_675_A_224x224

Ralph Lauren — Classic Fit “Newport” short                                           pPOLO2-17711329_standard_t240x400

20_550_9223_001                                      ExpressFitted Wheel Printed Collared Shirt


ana-resin-choker-tomato-p0789                                                   PONOAna Resin Choker

BaublebarJewel Chanteuse Collar necklace                      10406_001

Damali_top_t_w300_h300                                       Brilliant Earth“Damali” earrings

nOir JewelryWonder Woman DC Comic ring      wonder-woman

Ted RossiAsymmetric Plate Necklace                 TedRossi100113_0009

giovanna950                                       Dannijo“Giovanna” cuff


ASH_BAG_SS14_201721_F                                                                                  ashlyn’d“Pandi” clutch

Edie Parker — Lara Solid clutch                                                    lara-solid-whitp-feature_1024x1024

12415_Melanie-Raw-Tote_Baltic_F_2048x2048                                                      Joy Gryson“Melanie” tote

Botkier“Cruz” tote                                                   Cruz_Tote_UVI_product_page

perrysatchel_red_a_1                                                    Rebecca Minkoff“Perry” Satchel



Kate SpadeSolid Bowtote                                                                      UVRU0004_643



BIARRITZ_cobalt SIDE_lo                              Matt Bernson“Biarritz” strapped heel

Sophia Webster“Raya” Wedge                                                        Raya-1-(SW058)-1

1919-21-L                                  Chinese Laundry“Ilena-3” Wedge

DSWQupid Gladiator Sandal                                                                        302012_101_ss_01

5017N502.EM8C100_M44_0       Casadei“Summer Weave” wedge

Steve Madden“Germany” flat                                                       STEVEMADDEN-FLATS_GERMANY_RED-NUBUCK


sld-3041 red                                           Letarte Candy Reef 1-Piece

Dolores CortesRed Embellished Bikini             1321_sj


1_1156678_FS        Beach BunnyBeaded Triangle Bikini

KARO Swimwear Sailor Suit                                                                           nyc-fashion-runway-karo-swimwear2

peithoembroideredbustierbikini_ivory_bridal_        Mara HoffmanPeitho Embroidered Bustier Bikini

Nicolita Swimwear“Knotty” One-Piece             2403-0-0_1

The Countdown Begins……Nolcha Fashion Week — Sept. 2014



Yes, that’s right, let the countdown begin — in less than 3 months, Nolcha Fashion Week will be back, Sept. 2014, at Chelsea Piers in NYC! This week I announced a huge sweepstakes that Biovea is taking part in. But NFW is very much a part of this collaborative sweepstakes, as you could win 2 VIP passes to the many fashion runway presentations being put on by NFW. The event is clearly a “can’t miss!!”


Nolcha Fashion Week is a leading, awarding winning event, held during NYFW. It’s a time for independent designers to showcase their amazing creations and collections. And trust me, there are always great looks that come down the runway. I have definitely found some faves from attending and covering for Fashion Nexus in the past couple of years — Dany Tabet, Leka, Claire Farwell London, Intrepid by Ao’c, KARO swimwear, Danilo Gabrielli, and more!

pbn_4542          PBN_6329             PBN_4255-s

PBN_2363-s          PBN_2573-s         PBN_8117-s

This year’s lineup I’m sure will be just as great —

alberto-pants-designer-profile        MICHAEL WILLEMS FOR “ALBERTO”

Alberto creates menswear with a desire to create the perfect pant that fits every man!


VANESSA TEYE FOR “B’VENAJ”                                bovenaj

B’venaj is all about celebrating the human figure, finding freedom within the garments created.


carl-gross               KNUD HORSCH FOR “CARL GROSS”

Carl Gross has been an up and running label since 1925 — always creating fashion, quality, and comfort!


GIORGIO FILIPPI FOR “CODICE”                                         codice1

CODICE is all about polished and sophisticated looks of ease, contemporary and modern wearable fashion.


gregory-designer-profile1  RACHEL GREGORY FOR “GREGORY APPAREL”

When you think Gregory Apparel, think feminine modern minimalist with a dash of prep.


JENN BURGOS FOR “JBURGOSNY”                                  jburgos1

JBURGOSNY wants to send a message to all women, especially mothers — you can still look and feel fabulous after having children. And this is the brand to dress women in all shapes and sizes.


mimi-tran-designer-profile                                  MIMI TRAN

Contemporary styles, enhancing one’s beauty, celebrating femininity, that is MIMI TRAN.


DOLLY DONSHEY FOR “MONSTRUOSITE”              monstruositc3a9-designer-profile

Monstruosité focuses heavily on bringing concepts to life by integrating music, art and theatrical elements to showcase the ideas behind the designs. Monstruosité views fashion and millinery as a way to tell a story and push creative boundaries, while also focusing the utmost attention to detail.


I am getting pretty excited. Each year I’ve attended Nolcha Fashion Week, it has only gotten better and better. I’m sure this season will not disappoint! So get to know NFW, check out my own fun times, showcasing looks in My Fashion Diary & Fashion Week looks, also some great snaps of myself with celebs I met at the runway presentations. And of course, check out my previous fashion week coverage on Nolcha —

100_5184            1653305_10153823229010517_777605313_n

Biovea @ Nolcha Fashion Week =’s ……



Simply put, a match made in heaven. Now this is not the first time this leading manufacturer and online retailer of high-end health and beauty products has taken part in Nolcha Fashion Week. But this time, Biovea is back, bringing even bigger collaborations and more excitement! Joining in on this sweepstakes madness is Adrian London skincare & Neulook, and it’s hard to say that the resulting prize pack is nothing short of an amazing offer.


So what do you win

  • a $3000 Visa gift card
  • 2 VIP Nolcha Fashion Week show passes
  • & many more exclusive gifts & goodies

How do you enter? —Simply click on this link and  YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!

I must say, speaking as someone who has attended Nolcha Fashion Week shows many times, this is a once in a lifetime type prize. Of course $3000 to spend is amazing. But not many people have the pleasure of attending major NYFW shows. I attend all the time and people are always asking me — how were you able to go, what is it like, etc. By entering this GIVEAWAY, you too could have the EXPERIENCE — seeing some talented designers present stunning looks, networking with major industry insiders, and hey, maybe even see a celeb or 2 along the way. Here are some pics of myself at Nolcha Fashion Week during various seasons!

1653305_10153823229010517_777605313_n                              photo 4

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Here is a bit more information about the brand to thank for this opportunity — Biovea. As part of Biovea’s mission, the brand is all about maintaining a strong reputation for service, reliability and quality. The brand is fully and deeply committed to providing tools for healthy living. They offer a wide range of products within a vast array of categories — Vitamins & Supplements, Diet & Fitness, Beauty, Personal Care, Kids, Pets, Food & Home, Organic, & more!


Adrian London, sold thru Biovea, is the leading innovator in naturally effective and luxurious skin care formulas. Products one can select from are — Soothing Regeneration cream, Daily Replenish moisturizers, Renewal cleansers, & more! There are even product options for men, such as Calming Aftershave toner and Age-Defying Moisture cream. And the banner ad below is not a joke or just an image I’m using for this post. Take a look at the various products and if you see something you like, now is the perfect time to buy! You can save 15% off your purchase by using the Promo Code “ADRIAN15”.

ALHomeUK                              AL_HLA_Cream


Neulook, an online retailer set as your “Premier Beauty Destination”, is also taking part in all of this SWEEPSTAKES excitement. With Neulook, you can shop for a wide selection of beauty products from some of your fave beauty brands — Calvin Klein, Paris Hilton, Source Naturals, Dior, Gucci, BIOVEA, OPI, LA Naturals, and more! And again, as seen in the banner ad below, another amazing current offer, to save 10% off your 1st purchase by using the Promo Code “Neu10”.


So we have Biovea, Nolcha Fashion Week, Neulook, and Adrian London to thank for this AMAZING SWEEPSTAKES OFFER. Make sure, again, that you enter, as you do not want to miss out on this unique chance to get some loot and be at an actual runway show, in NYC, during NYFW!! Stay in touch and updated with Biovea across social media by Liking their Facebook page, Following on Twitter, and/or their Instagram page.



Kenley Collins — There is Just No Stopping this Designer!



It amazes me how much this young talent can do — coming out with yet another collection, which now even includes menswear, still designing stunning and sexy pieces for the young pop starlet, Ariana Grande, and just to throw some fun in the mix, designing looks for the windows of various It’Sugar candy stores. Kenley Collins‘ latest collection has been out a few weeks now, but great work still deserves recognition. So just like her past collections — Grease “Pink Ladies” & Marilyn Monroe-inspired line — I am here to now write about her PopArt collection.


(Pop Cassettes printed Crop-top & pencil skirt, and a black Holly Golightly dress)

The one aspect of Kenley’s work that I always love and commend, is that no matter what the underlying theme of the line is, you can always tell when you are wearing a Kenley original. She has such a unique and distinctive voice and aesthetic within her designs. You can see it in the cut, the silhouette, the dynamic prints, and more! And I always feel there is something for everyone — dresses, separates, accessories, bathing suits, and more! Also now, that “something for everyone” includes men! Yes, you heard it right, now those bold Kenley prints can also be rocked by any man who dares and I say WHY NOT!

10360609_10201913908076361_3861540416036137619_n                                  c2-abbcc2ad880490602ba81c96bdaaf372

You can always shop online (always some great sales going on!) for stunning Kenley originals or, if you are in NYC, you can head over to Brooklyn and shop for her pieces at Slapback. Taking a closer look at the menswear pieces, there are a lot of fun selections — from the Cool Rider tie to the Pop Cassettes printed shirt to the Ronnettes Rose printed shirt to the Citrus Squeeze tie (all seen in the image above). But of course, there is even more fun in store for the ladies!


(Audrey swimsuit in black; “Be My Baby” pink swimsuit; Tiffany’s swimsuit)



Kenley-LOOK7-Front-A             Kenley-LOOK5-Front-A

TOP — “Chapel of Love” dress & Crystals Chevron; BOTTOM — Sinatra dress


With the above picture, the look on the right, we have the Ronettes Rose crop-top & circle skirt, which brings us to some very versatile SEPARATES!!

Kenley-LOOK15-Front-A             Kenley-LOOK21-Front-A

(White Bardot crop-tops; Pop pink skirt; & Blue sea skirt w/ sheer overlay)


Kenley-LOOK14-Front-A             Kenley-LOOK13-Front-A

(Pop Cassettes print & Chain of Hounds)


(Watermelon Supreme top & skirt and Shangri-Las top & shorts)

And so as mentioned above, aside from being so creative, always coming out with chic collections, Kenley also manages to make custom outfits for pop sensation Ariana Grande. So it’s highly likely if you’ve seen Ariana perform lately, she was wearing a Kenley custom original!!

10337743_10201898351607459_3807008617514447313_n                                 10302107_10201824033189545_6895837967599572366_n

10173775_10201819551357502_4170054309987713149_n                           10325759_10201939031344427_1123112917158501132_n

Also, and this is very Project Runway-esque, she is still whipping up unconventional materials looks, specifically candy, to liven up the windows of It’Sugar candy stores- SUPER FUN & EXCITING!!

10302055_10201952903811230_6192495552082070829_n                                    10296654_10201953152057436_7320075587266174681_n


KENLEY, YOU WILL FOREVER HAVE A FAN OF YOUR WORK WITH FASHION NEXUS!! & I’m sure my readers will enjoy seeing what you’ve been up to and we all can’t wait to see what’s next!